Beer Brothers started its life as a drunken conversation between two friends while enjoying the homebrew they had made on the cooker top at home. We found that there was a gap in the market for what we had been brewing which is our AltBier. Once sober plans where put into motion and in January 2015 Beer Brothers Brewery was born, well incorporated. after forming the company we then started to gather equipment and set about building a brewery. A few months down the line and we had our first batch of beer ready to go for sale. Our focus was always to produce high quality beer brewed to our own taste which is basicly a modern twist on pub classics.

we now have 3 beer lines, classic, German and speciality. 

  • classic consists of Blonde a pale session ale, Best Bitter an amber session ale, Milk Stout, IPA and Chocolate Porter made with real chocolate. 
  • German range has a Cloudy Wheat beer, Dark Wheat beer and our infamous Altbier
  • Speciality range currently consist of Black Widow, a strong black IPA and White Widow, a Strong golden IPA 

We supply the Classic and German range in both 9 gallon casks and 500ml bottles were as the Speciality range only comes in 330ml bottles.

Meet The Team

Phill Leyland

Founder and Brewer

David Reece

Founder and Brewer

Alan Reece

Research and devepment