About Us

Beer Brothers was established in 2015 and has grown from strength to strength. We handcraft high quality products – imaginative twists on pub classics – including a core range of beers and innovative special brews throughout the year. We use quality ingredients, state of the art equipment and brewing techniques to create our beers – innovative recipes, imaginative flavours and a mix of traditional and fun branding. Our products are sold by the bottle, can, keg and cask to local bars and other licensed outlets, as well as selling all of our products via our website and in an on-site Brewery outlet shop.

We are passionate about experimenting with our production techniques to find new ways to make great beer. Head to ‘Our Products’ to find out more about the variety of exceptional beers and merchandise we have on offer.

The Beer Brothers Brewery Bar (that’s too much isn’t it… OK, we’ll just call it The Bar) is a quirky venue for drinks (beer drinkers or regular folk – all are very welcome!) in the heart of a working brewery.

And last, but by no means least, we have great staff. A small, but perfect team (they made us put that!) that helps us make the beer, sell the beer, deliver the beer, run The Bar, blah, blah… you get the idea.

Our History

Phill Leyland and David Reece met at school and have been firm friends for over 20 years (Do they argue? Certainly, but only about beer!). As fans of real and craft ale, the Beer Brothers started making experimental brews using a simple pot and pan set-up on a cooker top at home – as you do! After tweaking their first brew and conducting intensive taste trials (many friends volunteered for this stage of the creative process!), they realised they had made something special. This small batch became Beer Brothers signature ‘Altbier’ – now metamorphosed into Simply Red.

Later in 2015, with other beers added to the range, it was time to start brewing on a larger scale so a real-life-high-tech-slightly-bigger-than-a-kitchen micro-brewery was created. The response to the beers from actual customers was staggering with many cask beers selling out within a couple of hours of being on the pump and bottled beers flying off the shelves (not literally… that would be dangerous!). Our customers loved the beers, demand increased and Beer Brothers outgrew both the original brewing space and brewing equipment. We needed to brew more beer!

In April 2017, with investment secured, the search commenced for a new bigger, better, brewery premises. Beer Brothers was on the move.

We created a new brewery, the brewing capacity increased, the range of products expanded… what else could we do… how about a bar? Of course! So, we created The Bar, a quirky bar with an industrial feel, which is perfect for drinks, events and more importantly… the study and appreciation of beer!

Meet the Team

Beer Brothers Team Member

Phill Leyland


Beer Brothers Team Member

Dave Reece


Beer Brothers Team Member

Dan Earnshaw

Brewery Assistant

Our Charity

WTF Beerbrothers

Here at Beer Brothers we are working together with Age Concern’s (Lancashire) to support their campaign of tackling loneliness & isolation as well as providing Dementia care and support.

We specially created ‘What the Flock’ Session IPA for the campaign and 20p from every can sale goes direct to Age Concern Charity #WTFLancs. You can enjoy this beer responsibly, and at the same you will be supporting Age Concern’s (Lancashire) #WTFLancs.

Buy online now and support our charity.

Our Awards

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